This is to you, Part II

The deepness, the thickness of his voice reverberates in my memory. His eyes, forever imprinted to the sides of my mind. The way he twisted his mouth when laughing at the terrified looks that distorted the faces of those around us. The rope that dangled in the hands of the boy sitting behind me. These sights, the feelings that […]

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I just ate the best orange ever

I don’t like to use the word ‘best’ when describing something as sacred to my being as an orange. But, I spent 10 whole minutes picking out that glorious, round, orange orange. I even spent an additional 8 minutes eating and detailing on its greatness to a friend, whom without choice had to witness the […]

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Watcha runnin’ from gurl?

Nothing. Well nothing specific, that is. Living life on the fly, I get that question on the frequent. And as I get ready to leave Hawaii for Thailand in just under two weeks, the typical slew of questions start to come my way. ‘What happened to you?’ Uhhhh, life? ‘Will you ever settle down?’ I […]

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It seems that every time I go to copy my hand-written notes into my book manuscript, I falter. Just a bit. Although, I don’t necessarily consider it a bad thing that I’ve re-routed my cerebral processes to this platform. It’s, in the least, a form of instant gratification. Today is a weird day in the […]

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it’s yours

Dream child, dream Don’t let them instill Their fear of truth Their version of freedom Their fucked fantasy,  controlled One mind, one soul Take your chance Grab it Grab it and steer your ship Child, child Stay forever precious Stay forever true Child, child Grab the hand It’s dark, but You’ll adjust, you’ll adjust You […]

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Make it Count, Make it Happen

Sometimes things happen with perfect timing. An email from a distant lover, a bird flying by and pooping on your best friend, the black cat that crosses your path on a Friday…. that also happens to fall on the 13th of a month. Today, right when I considered giving up hope, I stumbled upon a […]

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The Orphanage

“Living and working in Put-in-Bay was a vicious cycle of inhumane work hours, copious amounts of liquor and the illusion that what was happening around you was real. As for the orphanage… I don’t know how to sum that up in one sentence.” “A noisy, dysfunctional box – concealing a group of coworkers thoughts [not […]

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